About Me

I’m an analyst living in the greater DC metro area of the United States.

I earned my Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Washington, doing solid-state NMR, because solving NMR spectra and peptide structure is kind of like solving puzzles, and I like puzzles.

Then I moved to do a post-doc in epidemiology and clinical MRI, because NMR is also pretty much the same as MRI, except…on people. This is where I had to learn R, and I decided that I like this kind of puzzle (figuring out how to script answers to questions), too. And, voila.

These days, my work leans heavily toward text analysis, tool and dashboard creation using machine learning techniques, and bibliometrics - particularly scientometrics; this includes fun, visual things like social network analysis and topic mapping. But also, counts.

Outside of work, I like to climb and hang upside down (from silks, lyras, other aerial apparatus). I also bake, herd and am herded by our two dogs, and knit.


listening to: Black Panther The Album
eating: 🍩
(re)reading: The Scarlet Pimpernel
watching: Ugly and Delicious

(If I ever learn how to archive things, this will be periodically updated and archived, because data.)

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